Passport to Nowhere

Santa left my house with a fistful of these.





got time, will sew

Early stages of something special..

not. something. finished. quickly

Double Raised Bands on Hemp Cord with Leather Hinges. .

I’m dying to get this book finished



3-Piece Rounded Spine

3-Piece Rounded Spine


A6, 3-Piece, Rounded Leather Spine, Rolled Leather Headbands, Hand Marbled Cover Papers.

batch process. finished.

So the Rooftop market project is all over. I ended up binding 31 Linen case bound books in 1 month, outside of my day job. Well I was away for a week in the middle, so it was really 3 weeks.

Using that particular Linen wasn’t the simplest thing I have ever tackled either, and alot of standard rules and measurements just didn’t work, which over the weeks caused more than one ‘prototype’.

Thanks to everyone that came to check the exhibition/market out. Thanks more if you bought my books 🙂 I still have a few left which I will put up on my Etsy store in due course.

I feel like I’ve been non-stop for I dont know for how long. 3 months in Central America, a month on tour with the band, then straight back to day job and these books on the side. I haven’t been surfing, watched a movie, read a book, edited photos, or seen any family in months (which Mum keeps busting my balls about).

Looking forward to summer, and relaxing, a little bit.

Till mid Jan when we’re off again.

Random photos from the process..

Limp Bindings from Tallin

Today I’m a Happy Little Bookbinder because Monica Langwe Berg‘s book on Estonian Limp Bindings arrived on my doorstep 🙂

She has studied a number of bindings from the Tallin Archives, analyzing and describing each, with comprehensive instructions to recreate them as per the original construction.

The book is limited to 700 copies so I feel quite lucky to have one.

tip of the iceberg.

soon the pain will end.




Put this in your calender kids..


then come and buy my books and talk shit.